You will begin losing weight and feel excited about choosing healthier foods to eat after the first Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) weight loss hypnosis session with me.

I offer a minimum two-session package for weight control because this is often a life-long habit with deep-seated beliefs about food. Clients tell me they find comfort in having the support of a second session as they begin their new life and attitude toward food and exercise. Once you start making changes, they can trigger issues with friends, family and other loved ones, that need to be dealt with. The format of the second session will depend entirely on your needs.

What can you expect in the first session? We will talk about your desired weight and the feelings you want to have by achieving it. Using RTT, we will uncover the reasons why you haven’t been able to shed pounds up until now. Those reasons will be based on beliefs you formed when you were younger. They could be related to the way your family related to eating or perhaps an idea you had that being bigger would protect you from bullies.

You are older now and these beliefs no longer serve you, so we will thank them for having helped you in the past and we will then let them go. We will have discussed the clothing size you want to wear, the amount you want to weigh and the feelings you will have after achieving this and I will install those feelings and images in your sub-conscious mind.

Hypnosis for weight loss and weigh management sessions is offered in a clinic on South Molton Street in central London or by Zoom. Call today to get started.

The Weight Loss Hypnotic Gastric Band

I offer an alternative two-session hypnotherapy package for clients who are significantly overweight or obese. This involves the hypnotic installation of a gastric band. Your sub-conscious mind will believe that the band has been installed and you will feel full after eating less food than you had before.

Regardless of which RTT package you choose, it is important that you are 100% committed to changing your lifestyle to lead a healthier life and to achieve a better weight. It is also important that you listen to the audio that I will make from our session for 21 days afterwards to install the changes.

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