Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Insomnia

Better sleep equates to a better life, but over 30% of the population suffers from insomnia.

The inability to go to sleep and stay asleep is one of the more common problems my clients come to see me about. A lack of restful sleep can increase feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. You also feel more angry, worried and experience trauma more deeply when you have not slept well. And people who suffer from sleep deprivation are 27% more likely to gain weight.

Why continue to suffer when you can get help with restful sleep hypnosis?

I know how debilitating insomnia is because I suffered from it for years. I scoured the internet for tips and techniques and tried virtually everything I could. I could fall asleep but would wake up 2.5 hours or three hours later unable to go back to sleep. Nothing worked. I went to my GP who initially prescribed sleeping pills, which I never used. It was only when I trained with Marisa Peer and she worked on me with deep sleep hypnosis for insomnia that I finally found the relief I’d been looking for.

And now that I know her technique, I can offer you the same freedom from insomnia.

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