If you’ve been unsuccessful in getting pregnant, negative thoughts and emotions about the process can lead to stress, anxiety and/or depression that will further complicate the process.

Your conscious and sub-conscious minds have a great impact on you and your body. If you have been trying for a while to get pregnant, you may be sub-consciously telling yourself that you cannot conceive. If you have a successful career that you enjoy, it could be that you have self hypnotised yourself into thinking there is no room for a baby in your life. Some clients just can’t see a picture of themselves with a baby in their arms.

An RTT hypnosis for fertility session will help relax you and address these issues. During hypnosis, we will find the subconscious beliefs that are getting in the way of you conceiving and eliminate them. Instead, I will install in your sub-conscious the images you have of holding your child, of seeing the room in your home where the baby will be and have you sense the feel of their toes and fingers in your hand.

I offer a special pregnancy hypnosis package for conception that involves one RTT session and two coaching sessions that will involve the use of neuro-linguistic programming and, if suitable, Lifestyle Prescriptions.

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