Do you want to book a Rapid Transformational Therapy™ session to resolve an issue but are worried about COVID-19, lockdowns, or taking public transport to reach my practice? If so, you’ll be pleased to know RTT therapy online sessions are just as effective using online video conferencing software as in person.

Zoom and Skype allow you to connect with a counsellor online via video easily! If you’re looking for RTT online counseling, you can work with me in a secure video chatroom on the Zoom platform or on Skype.

Many people are exploring online counseling services. Even before the coronavirus turned our lives inside out, it was proven to be a convenient, cheap, and satisfactory communication option while supporting the value you receive from in-person counseling. 

Tech Skills Not Required

If you are not tech-savvy and intimidated by the technical aspect of connecting online, you’ll be pleased to hear getting to grips with Zoom or Skype really does not require any technical skills. You only need a basic ability to follow the instructions so you can connect to a virtual chatroom hosted on Zoom or Skype. 

Online Therapy Benefits

Online therapy is multi-beneficial. As well as the convenience and comfort, you don’t have to be concerned with travel costs, and it is a great time-saver. There’s no need to worry about traffic jams, tube delays, rotten weather, or social distancing. 

You can attend your session from wherever you prefer, be it from your sofa, kitchen, work desk, or even your bed! As long as you are comfortable and in a private place, we can work together over online video chat.

After a video session, you will see more similarities than differences between video and in-person sessions. The session’s focus and goal are the same; we work together to help you overcome hurdles you are facing, whether it be relationship issues, anxiety, addiction, weight issues, or phobias. The therapy is just as effective, be it online or in my office.

Making a Booking

To book RTT therapy online, all you need is a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a reliable internet connection. So reach out today to begin



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